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Brad Hines is the president of the domain name brokerage, and the founder of, a non-profit that is partnered with the United Nations World Food Programme to raise world hunger awareness.

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He is a business, tech, health and lifestyle writer. He writes mostly about digital marketing and conducting business on the internet.

He is the inventor of the board game Recollection! as well as the Sure Shot bottle bong novelty drinking device. He sold his first web startup, Megaflow Beer Funnels at age 22.

Artistically he is an amateur fine artist and poet, and as well a professional comic artist as the creator of He runs a forum for artists in Montréal at

He enjoys cooking for family and friends, ice hockey and alpine snowboarding, photography, humour, design and business trends.



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Writing Portfolio.

I write, and I love it! A writer for hire, I write everything from business how-tos, humour, press releases, poetry, science articles, and back. I have a passion for putting words together, and especially to teach. Please check out my portfolio below, and contact me.

On my writing:

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