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is a social knowledge board game that I have designed and am currently shopping for a publisher for. It has been game tested three times to positive reviews. If you have interest in Recollection for any reason, please contact Brad Hines to find out more, or visit the link to purchase Recollection at where you can help design it and or vote for it to be produced.

recollection by brad hines


Recollection first edition, click to enlarge  
recollection board game by brad hines recollection
recollection game recollection board game

Recollection by Brad Hines

This was the prototype board shown above.

Here is a copy of the rules.


recollection game pieces


Game Play:

Object: To get across the board first and achieve “Recollection”

How to play:
1.) Pick a game piece and put it on the starting line,
2.) Roll for time and set clock.
3.) Present first card from the top of the deck to everyone at the same time, and start the clock simultaneously.
4.) Quickly, begin writing down as many objects as you can recall within the category as possible, write fast, and do not stop until the clock runs out.
5.) The person with the most objects afterwards wins the round and advances their piece to the next level.
6.) The first person to recollection wins, if desired, yell out


1.) No talking during clock time.
2.) Pens go down at buzzer.
3.) If all pens are down before time runs out, players can agree to stop the clock and begin reviewing answers.
4.) Feel free to argue about and even break the rules, but be prepared to look like a jerk.


1. ) write shorthand and/or scribble answers-as long as you can read it to the group the answer is valid
2.) appoint a judge who doesn’t play to settle disputes, or use the dictionary, internet, or encyclopedia.

Categories List: (One on each card)

Categories in red are adult ones that could be in the game inside another wrapper.

The game currently comes with 66 categories in a deck. There could aslo be up to 5 blank cards for people to put in their own category, for example, maybe a group of med students might do “Human Bones” or some other more difficult category, or specific to a group of friends.

  1. Flowers
  2. Countries
  3. car brands
  4. fruits
  5. vegetables
  6. cities
  7. famous artists
  8. plants
  9.  musical instruments
  10. tpes of wood
  11. elements from the periodic table
  12. animals
  13. cocktails
  14. mountains
  15. types of dancing
  16. kinds of bread
  17. sodas
  18. famous althletes
  19. movies
  20. kitchen utensils
  21. oceans and seas
  22. kinds of tools
  23. published magazines
  24. human bones
  25. sex positions
  26. beers
  27. cigarette brands
  28. porn stars
  29. Simpsons Characters
  30. Articles of clothing
  31. Types of nuts
  32. Rivers
  33. Sports
  34. desserts
  35. rocks and minerals
  36. Martial art forms
  37. herbs and spices
  38. currencies
  39. Broadway shows past or present
  40. scientists and inventors
  41. spoken languages
  42. cookies
  43. presidents
  44. kinds of cheese
  45. countries in europe
  46. candy bar varieties
  47. prime numbers
  48. book authors
  49. college subjects to major in
  50. TV shows
  51. dogs
  52. birds
  53. kinds of fish
  54. furniture types
  55. colors
  56. state parks
  57. hip hop artists
  58. facial hair types
  59. shapes and geometric figures
  60. Family Guy characters
  61. Animals
  62. professions
  63. fashion labels
  64. illicit drugs
  65. winter sports
  66. game shows
  67. actors
  68. actresses
  69. holidays
  70. kinds of transportation
  71. Prop football players
  72. Prop Hockey players
  73. Pro Basketball players
  74. pro baseball players

Please recommend categories,to be added or removed, or comments in general about the existing ones:




Please leave your thoughts below, especially if you have a tip of your own to add:

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